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Below are charts and data about Morton and the Greater Peoria region. Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us or visit the Greater Peoria Data Hub.

Morton Statistics Fact Sheet (2019 data)

Morton has the lowest property tax and sales tax rates in the region.  While initial property prices are sometimes higher than our neighboring communities, property buyers will enjoy lower property, gas, and water bills over time providing greater savings in the long run.  Use the charts below to see how your business can save with a Morton location.

Sales Tax 2018

 MortonEast PeoriaPekinPeoriaWashington
Special District0.25%1.25%1.75%1.75%1.25%

*Additional 2% sales tax on food, beverage, and entertainment.
**Additional 1% in business district.
***Amount Includes additional $.25 tax in business district.

Property Tax

CityProperty Tax Rate 2017
Peoria7.37 – 10.04%
East Peoria9.18%
Pekin8.02 – 8.6%
Germantown Hills7.83 – 8.42%