Indoor Family Entertainment Center Study Underway

Friday, July 1, 2011

Last month the Village Board approved a Morton Tourism Association grant application for the Morton EDC to enter into an agreement with Leisure and Recreation Concepts (LARC) to perform a Feasibility Study for an Indoor Family Entertainment and Waterpark concept.  “According to the Peoria CVB, one of the primary items tourists are looking for in the Peoria Area is a hotel with an indoor family entertainment component,” said Jennifer Daly, CEO for the Morton EDC.  “With big attractions like the new museum complex and Bass Pro opening in such a close proximity to our community, tourism is likely to increase and we want Morton to be the place to stay.”

The scope of the Feasibility Study will include: (1) Market Identification and Analysis that will determine if a project of this type can be supported; (2) Market Demand Analysis that will determine if the demand of our market place for this type of project; (3) Site Analysis to provide potential locations that would comply with the needs of the project to compliment the needs of the Village; (4) Development of Facilities Requirements that will determine the size and design criteria and potential costs involved; and (5) Financial Analysis to determine what the user fees would be and what the Return on Investment will be.

The LARC study should be completed by October of 2011.  If the project is deemed feasible, the Morton EDC will use the data to pursue private developers interested in building this type of facility in Morton.   “We look forward to understanding what a potential project such as this will add to our Regional tourism market and will utilize this Study as a tool in securing private development that is potentially a win-win for Morton,” said Kim Uhlig, Business Development Director for the Morton EDC.



The Morton Economic Development Council exists to positively shape the future of Morton. 

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