Marchal Receives 2012 Morton Venture Award

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Morton, IL – Today at the Morton Economic Development Council’s Annual Luncheon, Tom Marchal was announced as the winner of the 2012 Morton Venture Award.

“The Morton Venture Award recognizes an outstanding local entrepreneur who has made a significant impact on both the community of Morton and the people they employ, through their business leadership, growth and innovation,” said Jean Ann Honegger, last year’s award winner and the presenter of the 2012 Morton Venture Award.  “This year’s Venture Award recipient truly embraces the entrepreneurial spirit through his business acumen, his relentless focus on company culture and his deep belief in giving back to the community.”

Tom Marchal is one of the owners of The Iona Group, a technology company located in Morton, Illinois.  Throughout his tenure with the company, he has implemented numerous processes that have helped The Iona Group not only compete, but grow in a highly creative, rapidly changing, technology-focused industry. In 2009, when the economy entered a severe recession and other companies were laying off workers or going out of business, Marchal implemented short-term cost-reduction strategies, and the company grew substantially in each of the next three years. In addition, under his leadership, this company started a mobile learning business in 2010 called Float, which in only three short years is now recognized as an industry leader in an exciting new field.

Marchal is also known as a servant leader who has sought ways to inspire and encourage the best in his employees.  To him, a culture of excellence and teamwork, where people enjoy both what they do and those they do it with, is an essential component to success.  Through this ethos Marchal has set the example and built a culture for The Iona Group that was recognized in 2009 as an “Employer of the Year” by the AAIM Employers Association.

This year’s Venture Award recipient is also committed to giving back to the community.  Under Marchal’s leadership, The Iona Group has been involved in numerous community projects to help organizations including Community Harvest, Crittenton Centers, The Penguin Project, and sponsoring families in need at Christmas.  Nationally and globally, The Iona Group has contributed to organizations such as One Laptop Per Child, Edge Outreach Shoes for Water, Illini Service Dog Program and many others.

The Morton Venture Award was first presented in 2009 by the Morton Economic Development Council.  Marchal joins other Morton Venture Award winners including Tom Menold, Katie VandenBerg, Bill Morton, and Jean Ann and Gordon Honegger.



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