Planning and Zoning Policies

Considering a Building Project in Morton?

Welcome!  There is significant opportunity in this community and we are here to help ease the process and equip you to succeed.

A good first step will be to review the Village's zoning code checklists for residential and commercial properties.  You will also find information on the Village's Zoning Codes below too.

Please don't hesitate to keep in touch as both the Village and your representatives at the Economic Development Council can serve as a resource and guide throughout your project, saving you time, money and resources along the way.

Morton's Municipal Code

Morton's Municipal Code Book is a guide to the planning and zoning policies of the community.  The book contains information on permits and fees, signage policies, and setback, parking, and landscape requirements.  A link to the book can be found below, along with a list of Frequently Needed Sections and the location they can be found in the book.  For more information, contact Roger Spangler at the Village of Morton at 309-266-5361 x 240.

Morton Municipal Code Book

Permits and Fees - 10-4-1

Building Setbacks                                                        
  B-1 Districts (Professional Office) - 10-6-2-c
  B-2 Districts (General Business) - 10-6-3-c
  B-3 Districts (Highway and Service Commercial) - 10-6-4-c                                                              
  I-1 Districts (Restricted Industrial) - 10-7-2-c
  I-2 Districts (General Industrial) - 10-7-3-c
Properties located within the interstate corridor as defined in 10-2-1 - 10-4-7-c
Pavement Setbacks                                                     
  B-1 / B-2 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1-a
  B-3 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1 b
  I-1 / I-2 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1-b

Parking Requirements
  Business and Commercial Uses - 10-8-6-C & D / 10-8-8-A
  Industrial Uses - 10-8-6-E / 10-8-8-A

  B-1 Districts - 10-9-6-A
  B-2 / B-3 Districts - 10-9-6-B
  I-1 / I-2 Districts - 10-9-7-A

Landscape Requirements - 10-4-6-B-5



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