Planning and Zoning Policies

Morton's Municipal Code Book is a guide to the planning and zoning policies of the community.  The book contains information on permits and fees, signage policies, and setback, parking, and landscape requirements.  A link to the book can be found below, along with a list of Frequently Needed Sections and the location they can be found in the book.  For more information, contact Roger Spangler at the Village of Morton at 309-266-5361 x 240.

Morton Municipal Code Book

Permits and Fees - 10-4-1

Building Setbacks                                                        
  B-1 Districts (Professional Office) - 10-6-2-c
  B-2 Districts (General Business) - 10-6-3-c
  B-3 Districts (Highway and Service Commercial) - 10-6-4-c                                                              
  I-1 Districts (Restricted Industrial) - 10-7-2-c
  I-2 Districts (General Industrial) - 10-7-3-c
Properties located within the interstate corridor as defined in 10-2-1 - 10-4-7-c
Pavement Setbacks                                                     
  B-1 / B-2 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1-a
  B-3 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1 b
  I-1 / I-2 Districts - 10-4-3-D-1-b

Parking Requirements
  Business and Commercial Uses - 10-8-6-C & D / 10-8-8-A
  Industrial Uses - 10-8-6-E / 10-8-8-A

  B-1 Districts - 10-9-6-A
  B-2 / B-3 Districts - 10-9-6-B
  I-1 / I-2 Districts - 10-9-7-A

Landscape Requirements - 10-4-6-B-5



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