Business Retention Visits

Connecting businesses to resources for growth and building industry connections

Every five years, the Economic Development Council sets goals to help ensure the business community’s economic growth and vitality. One primary way we accomplish those goals is through Business Retention Visits. Business Retention Visits allow us to learn more about your company, discuss opportunities and roadblocks with which we might assist, and identify ways that the EDC can best support your efforts.  The EDC can assist companies at every stage of their growth cycles and stands ready to align its resources to meet your business goals.

What to Expect

When your company is contacted about a business retention visit, we will be asking for 1 hour of time with the company CEO, CFO, Director of Human Resources or persons with equivalent positions. The details of the conversation will be confidential and we will discuss current and future business dynamics. Notes will be taken to capture any follow up needed.

We typically strive to visit companies once every 2-3 years. If issues, questions or assistance opportunities arise between our regularly scheduled visits, a meeting can be scheduled in the interim.

The goal of the visit is to connect your business to resources that can help your company grow and to troubleshoot any challenges the company faces while doing business in Morton.

The EDC would also like to hear from you in between retention visits. Your answers to the following questions will help guide our efforts to assist you! Send an e-mail to or call the EDC at 309-263-2491 to update us on any of the following:

Let us know if your business has:

    • Any open positions to fill?
    • New hires to announce?
    • Capital projects in the works?
    • Business successes to celebrate?
    • Business Transition needs?
    • Or challenges on any level?

Let us know! The EDC has access to resources that can assist with the subjects above. It is our job to support your efforts every step of the way.