Plan of Action

Careful planning is the foundation for successful action.

The Morton EDC is guided by strategic planning as we evaluate and continually reevaluate our progress in the following goals. For 2021-2026, our Mission Morton initiative will serve as a guide to continue to build and attract workforce, assist local businesses, spur capital investment, and generate enhanced revenues. Read the full plan here.

Mission Morton is a five-year initiative to continue the Morton Economic Development Council’s (EDC) core vision to maintain a strong and sustainable local economy. The focus of the next five years is to assist local businesses, support job growth, expand business opportunities and enhance entrepreneur ecosystem. These initiatives will be coordinated with the Village of Morton along with key organizations within the community, region and beyond as we strengthen the effectiveness of our organization to inform our network and be a resource hub to help Morton advance into the future.

The Morton Economic Development Council is committed to tracking and reporting the results of our efforts. We have established the following measurable goals for the Mission Morton initiative, to be achieved by December 31, 2026:

5-YEAR GOAL #1: 150 Business Visits

    • Goal Number = 30 annually
    • Direct business engagement with our local businesses

5-YEAR GOAL #2: Connect with 200 small business, entrepreneur start-ups and growth companies

    • Goal Number = 40 annually
    • Enhance our entrepreneur ecosystem with direct connectivity with clients and attendees at MEDC host events and programs.

5-YEAR GOAL #3: 25 new business locations to Morton assisted by MEDC

    • Goal Number = 5 annually
    • Business attraction

5-YEAR GOAL #4: Micro Grants Awarded

    • Goal Number: $24,000 annually
    • Direct investment from Morton Community Bank to support job growth

5-YEAR GOAL #5: Year over year increase to investor network

    • Goal Number: Annual increase of 8% year over year or minimum of $10,000 new dollars
    • Expand our investor network to connect and inform